How to switch between FortiGate and FortiWLC as controller for Fortinet FAP-U series access points

Fortinet has for long time had a series of Wireless Access Points which can be managed via FortiGate firewalls.

After acquiring Meru Networks few years back, they also have a line of Wireless Access Points which are managed via FortiWLC controller (formerly Meru wireless controller).

With the introduction of FAP-U series access points, customers now have the option to manage these AP-s either from FortiWLC or from FortiGate. By using FortiWLC you can utilize the Single-Channel architecture from Meru. But if you want to deploy the classical multi-cell WiFi architecture, then you can do it with either the FortiWLC or with FortiGate. There are practical scenarios where it might make more sense to control the AP-s from FortiGate.

Here I describe how to change the AP management from FortiWLC to FortiGate:

  • As a preparation, make sure you have configured the FortiGate interface, which has L2 direct connection to the AP, with Security Fabric Connection (checkmark on interface), and enabled WiFi Controller feature under System > Feature Visibility
  • Connect to FortiWLC via SSH
  • Display a list of connected AP-s:
    show ap
  • Note the AP ID for the AP you want to move to FortiGate (first column on the left)
  • Connect to the AP (id 37 in my example):
    connect ap 37
  • Next you need to switch the AP from Meru boot image to Fortinet boot image
  • Show available options regarding Boot image:
    bootimg ?
  • Now switch to the Fortinet Primary boot image. The AP will reboot immediately:
    bootimg imageid 3
  • Next log in to FortiGate and authorize the AP under Wifi & Switch Controller > Managed FortiAPs.
  • Next create and apply the appropriate FortiAP Profiles
I hope you find this guide useful and it saves you some time.

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