IT Development Management

We work together with the company's management to analyze essential IT management trends and needs for the company's development. We help plan IT system and security-related collaboration with the company's customers, suppliers and partners.

We have extensive experience in implementing IT projects between global leading manufacturing enterprises and companies in Estonia and the Nordic countries.

Our managed IT service includes vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) service, which provides our customers with an IT manager from our team.

We hold regular meetings with you to review the current IT situation, discuss new ideas, and determine potential areas for development. Using the insights gained from these meetings, we refine our IT strategy to identify the solutions that help you achieve your business goals. Additionally, we advise on which technology investments would be most beneficial.

BRS Networks Baltic's IT service includes IT management, which means that BRS's approach is similar to what we want to offer our customers – it is not just about solving customer problems, but also about further development. – Oskar Kilk, CEO of Torm Metall

With IT evolving at a lightning-fast pace, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments. However, since IT is in center of our daily work, we are committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of new solutions and possibilities.

Contact us and let us leverage our extensive knowledge to help drive the digitalization and IT development of your business.

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