IT Management

With our IT management service, IT support and maintenance is ensured at all times for all users, providing you with peace of mind no matter where you are. Our experienced and caring IT support team is always ready to help with fast and efficient solutions. We are able to respond 24/7.

A streamlined IT management allows you to concentrate on your daily tasks and shift your energy towards your business's growth.

We ensure that technology works properly, assist employees with IT questions and resolve problems.

As a MSP, we are not only IT management partner but also coordinate all your IT topics, including aligning activities and issues with your other partners.

IT support

  • Support regardless of the customer's location.
  • Ability to respond 24/7.
  • We speak Estonian, English, and Russian.
  • Based on customer feedback, the average rating for our IT support is 4,87/5.

Server management

  • Comprehensive management, problem solving
  • Monitoring of servers and the services and resources they run
  • Updates
  • Support, administration, and monitoring for backup solutions
  • Security 

Network Management

  • Network device management, monitoring, troubleshooting, software updates.
  • Management of switches, Wi-Fi, firewalls.
  • Network security, log management, analyzing of logs to detect security incidents

Cloud Management

  • Microsoft 365 cloud platform management and security
  • Azure Active Directory

IT documentation

  • We create documentation and keep it up-to-date.
  • We use modern tools.
  • The customers can easily access the documentation that is relevant to them.

Evaluating IT management services can be challenging because they are often delivered invisibly. It's usually only when something is missing or not working correctly that we become aware of the service, which can be seen as a measure of quality. At our company, IT management service has become an part of our everyday life that is reliable and secure. – Martin Arula, CEO of AS Toftan
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