Network Management

Flawless and fast network is crucial for the reliability of IT systems. With centralized management and monitoring, our team of certified professionals ensure maximum performance across all networks – whether it's a company's internal network with multiple locations, a Wi-Fi network, or a specialized networks for industrial equipment.

Building a reliable network starts with a solid design. 

We ensure optimal performance and security by following key principles and rules for network architecture.

Manageability is also essential for seamless performance and quick problem-solving. For slightly larger networks, it is important that all network devices can be managed from a central console. This makes it possible to monitor the network, quickly implement changes, segment the network and simplify both problem solving and locating security incidents.

Designing WiFi networks requires careful consideration of factors such as building/area architecture, wall materials, user requirements, and other relevant factors. To ensure proper network planning and validation of its performance, it is crucial to utilize appropriate tools.

Our network administrators have undergone extensive training and hold various certifications in network solution design and analysis.

To create effective network solutions, we utilize Fortinet and Allied Telesis network devices as needed.

Allied Telesis switches

When creating solutions, we take into account the purpose and specific characteristics of the network, and create functional solutions ranging from simple office networks to complex networks located in harsh environments, such as network solutions for industrial enterprises.

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