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How to achieve a level of cyber security that ensures peace of mind? Achieving cyber security is a journey, not a one-time activity. It requires expert management. We consider all important aspects of information security – confidentiality, integrity, availability.

We create a cyber security roadmap for your company

1. Mapping and assessment of the current situation

2. Preparation of the roadmap

Cyber Security Roadmap
  • Based on the result of the mapping, we will create a development plan to bring cyber security in line with the CIS information security framework and its desired level.
  • First, we prepare an initial development plan that identifies the shortcomings, essential activities and proposals needed to improve your company's cyber security level.
  • We refine the plan in collaboration with you and your management team, and create a final version with an implementation budget.
  • We'll do the initial cyber security training for your key employees.

3. Implementation of the roadmap
  • We bring (or help your IT team and management along the way) your cyber security level up to a level where you can focus on your daily work with peace of mind.
  • Keep in mind that improving cyber security doesn't happen overnight – it requires creating policies and processes and training employees.
  • With the assistance of the right IT partner, improving your cyber security can be a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Our customers agree that well-organized IT and high level cyber security solutions give them a competitive edge.

Our customers ask more and more about security. During supplier audits, when examining how IT is organized, we have the opportunity to pleasantly surprise the customer and show how well our IT is organized. It is a selling point for us. – Oskar Kilk, CEO of Torm Metall

CIS Controls® Information Security Framework

Implementing an information security framework for organizing IT systems ensures both security and reliability.

Center for Internet Security (CIS®) Critical Security Controls are a prescriptive, prioritized, and simplified set of best practices that you can use to strengthen your cyber security posture.

Benefits of the CIS Information Security Framework

  • Also suitable for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Gives practical instructions on what to do and how to do it.
  • The 153 safeguards are divided into three implementation groups based on their implementation complexity and cost.
  • Depending on the size, needs, and level of data sensitivity within your company, you can select the appropriate implementation group.
  • CIS has created a number of tools to make implementation faster and smoother.
  • There are mappings that provide the connection between CIS Controls and other security frameworks, e.g. ISO 27001, NIST, etc.
CIS SecureSuite Membership

BRS Networks Baltic is a member of CIS SecureSuite®.

We provide comprehensive analysis and protection for our clients' IT systems. As a member, we leverage powerful tools that streamline the implementation of information security bet practices.

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With us, you meet information security standards

Customers who have wanted to certify their IT usage and security according to ISO 27001 have been able to do so based on our services.

Without the very good cooperation with BRS, applying for the ISO 27001 certificate would have been significantly more difficult, if not impossible, for us. After all, it requires collaborative thinking, serious contribution and flexibility from the service provider in supplementing and implementing processes, procedures and security measures.  – Kristian Teiter, Chief Information Security Officer, HANZA AB

Discover the cyber security solutions we use to keep your data safe from threats

Detects viruses on the computer, prevents their execution, and removes them.

Endpoint security solution Microsoft Defender for Business
A cyber security solution designed for small and medium sized businesses (up to 300 employees) that protects against ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats.

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management™
We use Datto RMM centralized management solution to manage our clients' devices, which allows us to automatically update devices and remove security vulnerabilities.

Datto Ransomware Detection™
The system detects suspicious activity on the computer. In case of a suspected ransomware attack, all processes on the computer are terminated, and the computer is isolated from the network to prevent further spread of the ransomware.

Zero trust solution ThreatLocker®
Allow what you need, and block everything else, including ransomware. Restrict access to your data to only the applications that need it.

Limiting the use of external storage devices
Employees are not permitted to store work-related data on their personal devices, mitigating the risk of someone walking away with a USB drive that contains sensitive information.

All storage devices are encrypted with BitLocker™
The encryption process is invisible to the user and does not disturb daily work. In the event of a lost or stolen computer, the data remains securely protected.

TruMethods™ tools for process management
We use TruMethods tools to create an effective IT strategy for our clients and manage the entire process.

Network security
We build networks according to best practices, segmenting servers and computers into separate subnetworks, so their communication could be limited if necessary. To defect threats, we utilize the FortiAnalyzer™ log management solution.

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Cyber Security
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